Big Bang Theory Season 4 Episode 1: Watch Full Episodes Online S04E01

Big Bang Theory Season 4 Episode 1: Watch Full Episodes Online S04E01 – The Big Bang theory season 4 episode 1 called “The Robotic Manipulation” which was directed by Mark Cendrowski and written by Chuck Lorre, Lee Aronsohn & Dave Goetsch -Story,Steven Molaro, Eric Kaplan & Steve Holland-Teleplay aired this evening on CBS.

The Big Bang theory started back up tonight, and everyone is in for some new adventures. Mayim Bialik was the guest star on the program as Sheldon’s new date, and will be appearing on a number of episodes throughout the season.
Tonight is the premiere of season four, and fans were able to watch Penny chaperon Sheldon and Amy on their first date. In the beginning, it seems like Penny is the more worldly woman at the table, but before you even know what it happening, Amy reveals that she is pretty damn wordly herself.

The series has been looking to add another character to the series for quite some time, and experts have said that they think that if the fans like the Bialik storyline this season, they probably would like to keep her on board for next year. She would make for an interesting addition to the cast and would serve as a great love interest for Shelton who many fans believe needed someone else in his life.
The subplot of the installment focused on Wolowitz “borrowing a robotic arm from NASA and using it to hold napkins and for sex.

This will be a big season for the show that has become immensely popular over the course of its first three seasons the off-brand humor has made the show a success, but it continues to push itself to new heights by exploring sides of their characters that we have not been able to see yet, such as Sheldon’s romantic side.
We are not sure that it is a good idea that the series is now opening up a comedy bloc on Thursdays- they might lose some viewers.

Here are some funny lines from the premiere:
“At best, it’s a modest leap forward from the technology that gave us Country Bear Jamboree.”
“You have broad hips and a certain corn-fed vigor. Is your womb available for rental?”
“Would have been more flattered if you were a homosexual.”
“Apparently, a semi-incestuous Teens 4 Jesus hoedown didn’t count.”
“Let’s round that up to 31.”
“Penny, to your mind, are you a slut?”
Raj: “You slipped and fell into a robot hand?”
Wolowitz: “Yes.”
Raj: “P*nis first?”
Wolowitz: “Yes. Now help me!”
Leonard: “I’d suggest a lubricant, but I have a feeling you fell on some of that as well.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Big Bang Theory Season 4.

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