Betty White’s Off Their Rockers: New NBC Reality Show

Watch out “Jackass” as you’ve got some competition coming as Betty White and NBC are teaming up to put out a new TV show that some call Jackass for old folks.

The show is tentatively titled, “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers” and is about seven senior citizens who use a hidden camera to play pranks and jokes on young people.

The show is supposed to be 12 episodes and is based on a popular Belgium television show called “Benidorm Bastards”. Fans who have watched Betty White and follow her recent career remember her from the hit show “Golden Girls” that was so funny it’s still in syndication today and on the web.

Betty also appeared on Saturday Night Live to high ratings thanks to people voting for her on Facebook. This show is going to be highly anticipated as just the idea of Betty White wandering around playing jokes on people like the old “Candid Camera” show that used a hidden camera to catch people with pranks.

People just love Betty White and at 89 years old you can just imagine what wild things she’ll say and do. When people get that age they just don’t give darn what anybody has to say and that means you’ll probably see many a news story about what goes on, on the set of the show and the antics that go on in public. It could end up being more controversial than what many may imagine so it’ll be a good idea to keep an eye on this show when it debuts.

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