Betty White Books Coming Soon

Betty White Books Coming Soon – Betty White has seen the amount of attention that she has received in Hollywood rise after she was featured in several hilarious commercials and had a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live. Now, she is looking to capitalize on her re-found fame with a series of books that will be called Books by Betty White. The 88 year old actress will also be in the season opener of NBC’s “Community.” She will be writing two books for GP Putnam’s Sons, according to a statement that was released by the publisher.
The first book, which will be titled “Listen Up,” will come out in 2011. In the book she will be going over her Hollywood career and revealing details about her life that were previously unknown to many of her fans. She will touch on a number of subjects including life, love, sex and celebrity.

The second book will be titled “The Zoo and I: Betty and her Friends.” The book will be released in 2012 and will feature stories and photographs of the animals at the Los Angeles Zoo, where White is a member of the board.

She released an autobiography in 1997, but her life has had many developments since that time. Her recent surge in popularity has blessed her with a plethora of opportunities, at a time when she thought that she might sail into the career sunset. It will be interesting to see what kind of details White reveals about Hollywood in her upcoming books.

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