Better With You TV Show Pilot ABC-Watch New Joanna Garcia TV Series Online

Better With You TV Show Pilot ABC-Watch New Joanna Garcia TV Series Online – Better With You “Pilot” which was written by James Burrows and directed by Shana Goldberg-Meehan aired last night on ABC.

“Better With You” is a relatively simplistic sisterly sitcom that has resembled some of the previous sitcoms on ABC and it focuses on the lives of three couples- Maddie and Ben (Jennifer Finnigan and Josh Cooke) have been dating for nine years, but are not married. Meanwhile, Maddie’s younger sister Mia (Joanna Garcia) who is pregnant and will be getting married to Casey (Jake Lacy) a guy who she’s only known for seven weeks and their parents who have been married forever.After watching it we can safely say that there is nothing that is that good, or that bad, about the new sitcom. The show is able to hold its own but does not appear to have all of the usual elements of a successful sitcom that draws its viewers in and keeps them for the ride.

The show premieres at 8:30 ET on Wednesday, and is the fourth and final member of ABC’s new block comedy for the night. The show features two sisters and their boyfriends, along with their parents. The “better with you” tagline likely refers more to the sisters, and surprisingly, not their significant others. They have a very close relationship that is covered in its entirety throughout the first episode.
Although my review have been neither positive nor negative for the most part, it is clear that the show does have certain elements to build on, based on the pilot episode. With an unexpected marriage and baby on the way that is divulged in the pilot episode, there will be some drama to go along with the comedic fun.
One sore spot that many reviewers had with the show is that Maddie and Ben are made out to be failures even though they have a steady nine year relationship, all because they have not been married yet. It serves as a bit of a downer and brings down the quality of the show as a whole.

Here are few hilarious lines from the episode:
“Call me old-fashioned,”
“but I think it’s appropriate to apply a little thought before making huge life choices.”
“Why in the world does she have to get married right now?!”
“Because she’s pregnant!”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Better With You TV Show.

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