Better With You Episode 3: Watch Better With Ben Online S01E06

Better With You Episode 3: Watch Better With Ben Online S01E06 – “Better With You” episode 3 which was directed by Andy Cadiff and written by Kat Likkel & John Hoberg aired this evening ABC.

“Better With You” is a show that focuses on relationships and how, even though sometimes both people might be a bit miserable with one another, they are better for each other in the long run. In the third episode of the show, titled “Better With Ben,” we learn a few new things about our characters that have not been previously revealed.

Everyone dreads the cheesy the Putney family Christmas cards and pictures with Santa that kids are forced to take every year which included horrible themes like “Can’t Touch This” and “Silence of the Hams.”Joel typically obsesses over these cards every year, and his obsession starts to annoy his family.

However, Ben is upset that he has been left off the card every year despite the fact that he has been with Maddie for nine years. He doesn’t express the fact that he is hurt, but it clearly bothers him throughout the episode.
Meanwhile Mia and Casey team up to break up with her old sensitive boyfriend who cries too much.
Believe it or not they were unable to split with him so they all became friends.
The episode ended with Mr Putney realizing that Ben has also been the shoulder to lean on especially when MJ died so there was no need for two sets of family pictures.

It is an awkward situation that is pretty hilarious to watch unfold. The awkwardness of not allowing him to be in the photo hangs throughout the episode, and he finds it hard to express why he is upset.
“Better With You” has gotten off to a fast start, and has been able to garner a fairly large following throughout their short run. They have done so with interesting stories and realistic situations.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Better With You season 1 episode 3.

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