Better With You Episode 2: Watch Better With Firehouse Online S01E02

Better With You Episode 2: Watch Better With Firehouse Online S01E02 – Better with You episode 2 called “Better with Firehouse” which directed by John Pasquin and was written by Lon Zimmet & Dan Rubin aired last night on ABC.

“Better With You” may not have been the hit with the critics that the show was hoping for, but the second episode seems to pick up the slack. Mia and Casey go house hunting after they realize that Mia’s apartment is just too small for them when the baby is born. Casey has an unusual taste in homes, and that proves to be a bit of a problem throughout. Mia and Casey argue throughout the episode about what they should be looking for in a home and about how much they are willing to spend.He attempts to buy an empty Chinese restaurant but someone who was actually looking for a restaurant beats him to it.

He later falls head over heel for an old firehouse that they were about to destroy.After revealing to Casey that she did not want to live in the dilapidated building ,he was able to share his vision of the warm and cozy home with her,so they decided to buy it.

The second plot was fairly simple and it focused on newly retired Joel driving Vicky crazy.
She finds that having him home all the time gets on her nerves and is making it hard for them to get along.
The ratings for the first episode were not as great as they had hoped for, but were solid enough to allow the show to make a runt throughout the first season without getting cancelled.

JoAnna Garcia does a great job as the lead, Mia. Her ability to act a range of different emotions on any given episode will make the show entertaining throughout its run. Some of the talent that surrounds her is not nearly as good, but is not so bad as to make you stop watching the show. This second episode shows promise, and hopefully they will be able to continue building upon their momentum.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Better With You season 1 episode 2.

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