Belfor Restoration Undercover Boss: Sheldon Yelle (Season 2 Episode 14)

Undercover Boss season 2 episode 14 called Belfor aired last night on CBS. Like in every episode we followed a well known CEO who went undercover to better understand his company and to walk a mile in his employees’ dirty shoes.

This week the cameras zoomed in on Belfor’s CEO Sheldon Yellen who heads Belfor Restoration which is a company that is present in 29 countries and cleans up and restores houses and buildings after natural or man made disasters have occurred.

This installment was rather unique because it was the first time that a boss got so emotional during an encounter with one of his workers that he decided to immediately reveal his real identity and promised her that she would get the help that she needed.

Sheldon Yellen, a Michigan Native, did the expected complaining and lamenting about how difficult the tasks given to him were (which included hanging drywall at a construction site ) ,but we are certain that America will forgive him for his kind yet dramatic gesture.

During his little journey through his enterprise (which is considered to be the world’s largest disaster restoration company), the Chief Executive Officer of Belfor, met Jen, who melted his heart after she revealed that she down to her knees in debt and that she was promised a raise that never fell through.

With tears in his eyes, Yellen removed his wig and blew his cover to bring comfort to this worker who was visibly distressed while sharing her story.

Yellen who is trying to make his Birmingham, MI restoration company, a household decided give Jen a back pay of all the missed raises, some extra money to pay off her loans.

Additionally she became a trainer for the company and was awarded an all-paid-for vacation to the island of Puerto Rico.

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