Beauty And The Briefcase Hilary Duff: ABC Family Original Movie

hilary duff,

Beauty And The Briefcase Hilary Duff: ABC Family Original Movie – Beauty & the Briefcase which was originally known as The Business of Falling in Love premiered this evening at 8-10PM Sunday, April 18th on ABC Family.The made for TV movie was loosely inspired by “Sex & the City” and completely based on the novel “Diary of a Working Girl” by Daniella Brodsky.
Hilary Duff who executive-produced the film plays Lane Daniels:

A bright effervescent fashion journalist whose career and love life intersect in a complicated way when she pitches the article “Switching Careers to Find Love” to Cosmopolitan magazine – her favorite mag and ultimate career aspiration. Lane can’t believe her luck when the editor goes for it in a big way, handing her the professional opportunity of a lifetime – a potential cover story!

The flick also stars Matt Dallas who takes on the role of Seth, Chris Carmack plays a music producer with a British accent who falls for Lane while Michael McMillian portrays Lane’s new boss and Jaime Pressly embodies her editor.
At the end of the day we have to say that it was a entertaining movie that seriously reminded us of “Sex and the City” especially in the scene where Lane spilled a pomegranate martini on Liam who later fulfilled every single thing on her wish list.

On a side note we found it quite funny that they named their fake Cosmopolitan Editor-In-Chief Kate White which is the name of the real one.

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