Beast Legends Season 1 Episode 2- Watch Fire Dragon Online S01E02

Beast Legends Season 1 Episode 2- Watch Fire Dragon Online S01E02 – Beast Legends season 1 episode 2 called “Fire Dragon” which was executive produced by Pauline Duffy and Elliot Halpern aired last night on Syfy.

The Sy Fy channel is not exactly known for their great made for TV movies and series, but every now and then they really hit the nail on the head. In their most recent series, “Beast Legends,” we get to take a look at the fearsome kraken, which was featured in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. The beast is straight out of Norse mythology, and is terrifying, even when the movies budget is not large.

Throughout the series they will take a look at what the beast might actually look like if it were real, and examine the role that it would have played in history. The new show will take a look at a number of different beasts of legend, including dragons, griffins, sphinxes and even good old big Foot.

The first episode debuted last Thursday, and the team examined the kraken legend. In the hour long series, they hunted a number of octopuses in Canadian waters in an effort to take a look at the creatures that a kraken would have to face if it were real. They are also granted the opportunity to take a look at the body of the only giant squid that we have ever been able to capture.

Last night they headed to the forests of Poland to track down the origins of a fire-breathing dragon called Smok, and recreate how the monster might appear to terrified medieval villagers.

Needless to say that idea of looking at the fire breathing dragon made an interesting episode as they examine the dragons place in history, and how it might have been able to survive in the world today.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Beast Legends episode 2.

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