Barbara Walters Health

Barbara Walters Health – Barbara Walters, the 80 year old creator of “The View,” announced yesterday that she will be taking time off from the show for surgery to replace a heart valve. Her leave of absence will begin later this week, and it is not clear when Walters is expected to return. Walters notified the other members of the team just before she announced her leave on TV.
“I thought it best not to talk about it too far in advance,” Walters said in reference to her recent announcement.

The recovery process can be difficult, and the time it takes really depends on the situation and the individual. It is expected that Walters will take one to three months to recover from the surgery. The show will be taking a break in July, and will be on hiatus in August, prompting Walters to choose now as an appropriate time to take care of her heart issues. Walters said that she has known about the problem for “Many months.”

When Whoopi Goldberg, a fellow host of “The View” asked her if she was scared, Walters replied with the following;
“Oh, only you would ask that question,” Walters replied, laughing. “It’s not elective, it’s not like … having your face lifted. I don’t think I’m really scared; I’m glad it’s going to be over with. It’s going to be taken care of.”
Walters has stated that she hopes that she will be able to return to the show in September.

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