Banksy Simpsons Intro

“The Simpsons” is known for being controversial – so when the hit series decided on their October 10th episode to have well known street artist Banksy direct their opening credit, they knew they were going create waves in the media.

But as it turned out they did not only created waves- they started a storm. In the third episode of “The Simpsons’ twenty-second season called “MoneyBART” – controversial artist and anti-war activist Banksy directed the couch gag where laborers in Asian countries could be seen working on various “Simpsons” merchandise.

The mysterious British graffiti artist, political activist paints a very dark portrait of the workers who are killing kittens to make stuffing for Bart Simpson’s dolls and unicorn’s horns are being used to punch holes in DVDs while a young child is hard at work near some very dangerous – even deadly chemicals.

The sweatshop satire created so much controversy that FOX has been forced to pull the video from the internet.

But we all know the truth – once something has leaked on the internet there is no way to stop it from spreading around.

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