Bachelorette 2010 Ali and Roberto:Dancing with the Stars Season 11 Cast

Bachelorette 2010 Ali and Roberto:Dancing with the Stars Season 11 Cast – Before their “Bachelorette” stint comes to an end, sources are reporting that Ali and Roberto will be appearing on the eleventh season of “Dancing with the Stars.” It is hard to tell if this means that Roberto will be winning the program or not, but it certainly does mean that they will be on television with one another again. So, if Roberto is not chosen, that could get a little bit awkward. The announcement will reportedly be made in the fourth episode of the upcoming television show, “Bachelor Pad.”

The rumor comes from “Reality Steve,” who is known for being a fairly reliable source, but be careful if you visit his site, as it is usually filled with spoilers for a number of different reality television shows. “Dancing with the Stars” has no problem bringing on other, hot reality stars, as they have shown in previous seasons. Bringing on Ali and Roberto would make a lot of sense for the show, because they are some of the hottest reality stars that are currently out there.

But, bringing two stars from the same show does seem like a bit much.
They usually try to pulls tars from a number of different locations so that more people are tempted to watch the program.By bringing in two stars from the same program, they will only be targeting the “Bachelorette” crowd with both selections, so perhaps there will only be one going onto “Dancing with the Stars” by the time it is all said and done.

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