Bachelor Pad Winner – Who Won Bachelor Pad 2010 Finale?

Bachelor Pad Winner – Who Won Bachelor Pad 2010 Finale? – No one could have predicted just how drama-filled the first season of “Bachelor Pad” would be. The final will be two hours long, and with each passing minute fans will get that much closer to seeing the winner of the first season. Have no fear though, the ratings were great during the first run and the show will be making a return next summer.

All of the wild characters who were featured throughout the first season will be present in the finale in one way or another. Fans can expect Michelle to act like her normal crazy self, and juicier details regarding the relationship between Wes and Gia.
Another popular character, Jonathan will also be making an appearance and will be just as awkward as ever. It will be interesting to see all of the characters returning for the final episode, and sharing camera-time. You can expect to see a lot of the storylines from throughout the first season some back into play, and even more drama surrounding those situations.
“Bachelor Pad,” may not be as quality as “The Bachelor,” and “The Bachelorette,” but it certainly does make for some interesting reality television during the summer offseason.

Update:Melissa Rycroft, Jake Pavelka and Trista Sutter made an appearance in the finale as judges where the remaining couples which were Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke, Elizabeth Kitt and Jesse Kovacs, and Natalie and David Good were asked to dance their derrieres off as if they were competing on “Dancing with the Stars”.
At the end of it all Natalie Getz and David Good won the $250,000 cash prize which they have decided to split between them.

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