Bachelor Eliminates Shawntel

Reality star Brad Womack continues to narrow down his final choice as he sent home Shawntel Newton on the most recent episode of “The Bachelor”.

After bringing Womack to her hometown in order to meet her family and get a look at where she is from, it seems that Newton may have scared Womack off a little bit by her extreme enthusiasm about her job.

Newton works in her family’s funeral parlor business, and she gave Womack an extensive tour of their facilities, as well as telling him that she embalms dead people, and letting on just how passionate she is about what she does.

Although Newton has continually admitted that she is falling in love with Womack over the last few episodes, he doesn’t seem as comfortable with her feelings.

Not only that, but he seemed hesitant to continue to pursue her after he discovered just how much her family business means to her.

After the rose ceremony, in which Womack did not give Newton a rose, he sat her down and told her that he definitely cared for her, but that he just didn’t feel right hearing her say how much she was falling for him.

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