Ashton Kutcher On SNL/Them Crooked Vultures Saturday Night Live Season 35 Episode 15 S35E15


Ashton Kutcher On SNL/Them Crooked Vultures Saturday Night Live Season 35 Episode 15 S35E15 – SNL/Saturday Night Live was hosted by Ashton Kutcher this weekend with Them Crooked Vultures as musical guest.This was Ashton aka Mr Twitter’s 4th time hosting the show,so did he show improvements or did he disappoint us again? Here is the recap of the show.

Cold Open: – On the Record with Greta Van Susteren : We have no idea why but Saturday Night Live went back to old political stuff.
There was nothing funny about the skit other than this line:FOX News correspondent was simply referred to “an attractive blond lady.” When will they find a guest host with enough guts to appear in the cold open?
Monologue: Ashton Kutcher ,talked about Ashton Kutcher getting older and no longer being “immature” and finding everything “awesome”.
This wasn’t that funny to be honest.

Will Reading: This was one of the least worst sketches where Ashton Kutcher played a pool boy at the will reading of a deceased 110-year-old woman named Gertrude.The pool boy discovered that the woman was riddled with various sexually transmitted illnesses pushing him to say:”No, we didn’t use protection, she was 110! What was she going to do, give birth to a ghost?” Kutcher learned that the woman had Oriental Fever, Soviet Hives, Crabs Rangoon and Jazz Flu.
The View: To be raw Kutcher’s Mel Gibson was painful to watch,however Whoopi was pretty funny.
Commercial: – Cialis for Threeways : Ever wanted an “extra strength” Cialis for a mini-orgy with your wife and your sexy doctor? Other than being perverted ,the ad was quite hilarious.
Rome, 160 A.D. : Forte as the king and Kutcher is a gay slave who threw grapes at his enemies.Samberg was really good but the skit itself was terrible.
Musical Guest: Them Crooked Vultures – We are certain that the fans were happy to hear and see John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl and Josh Homme on stage rocking on.
Weekend Update : Seth continued with his A game,(They should eliminate all the skits and play only the Weekend Update on SNL).The Garth and Kat portion was pretty good and it was hilarious to watch Wiig and Amisen make up these songs as they went along.
What is Burn Notice?: Apparently no one understood the premise of this show (which was less complex than Lost),so SNL decided to pick on it.The whole thing was a bad idea.
Access Hollywood : Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush and Maria Menounos covered the Oscar nominations this year where New Orleans Saints,Avatar 2,Jersey Shore ,and For the Love of Ray J 2 got nods.It was mildly entertaining.
Rahm Emanuel Apology : Rahm Emanuel attempted to apologize for his recent comment to the democrats but got really pissed and used a million F*UCKS to blast the members of his political party and Sarah Palin telling her: “Facebook,what are you,14 or something,I will write something on your Facebook wall so obscene that your computer will cry!” Hands down the best sketch of the evening.
Cadena-Norton Wedding : This can be summarized as followed dad got the old band together at his daughter’s wedding but the rock n roll attitude went to their heads and they trashed the ceremony,destroyed the cake and broke all the tables.It was supposed to be funny,but it was not.
Overall it was a terribly installment of “Saturday Night Live” where Ashton Kutcher proved that he should not host a fifth time.The show will be taking a break ,hopefully the writers will get their acts together and will return on February 27th with Jennifer Lopez as host and musical guest,this should be fun to watch.What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on Ashton Kutcher On SNL.

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