Ashley Kauffman: American Idol Fan Too Fat For Front Row

Down in the front row!

That’s the cry that seems like it was targeted at 19 year old Ashley Kauffman who was told that she couldn’t sit in the first row of the popular show “American Idol” because she was too fat.

According to Ashley she and another girl were turned down by the Idol staff, the other girl because she was too short and Ashley because she was too fat. She says she was hurt as well as her friends who were also in shock at the decision.

She and five of her girlfriends got the free tickets to the show and of course all girls were highly excited. Adding insult to injury, Ashley and two of her friends were then seated in the back of the theater and nowhere near their other friends.

The statements made to Ashley by the Idol staff are not only worrisome but one would say injurious.

For the staff of one of the most popular TV shows in history to be so discriminative regarding weight and looks is something of a major disturbing nature. So far reports say that officials at American Idol haven’t returned calls regarding the incident.

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