As The World Turns Last Episode – ATWT Final Episode

As The World Turns Last Episode – ATWT Final Episode – “As The World Turns,” a show that first launched in 1956,has ended after its long and amazing run. It was known for bringing the social issues of the day into their storylines and producing some of the best scenes that day time soap operas have ever produced. The show mostly focuses on four different families that have interacted with one another throughout the episodes.

There is the Hughes family, and upper class working family that was the first family to settle in Oakdale. Throughout the show they remain the most popular family in the community through their connection. Nancy Hughes, who is an original cast member, is portrayed by Helen Wagner. She is the patriarch of the family and is the main cause behind a lot of the drama that has been present on the show throughout the years.

There is also the Snyder family, the Ryan Family, and the Oakdale Family. Each family is known for different things, for instance the Ryan Family is known for valuing the importance of family and not turning on one another; that often.

“As The World Turns” may have ended, but the trends that they started are going to be present on television for quite some time. The show literally set the standard for level of quality of a daytime soap opera, and has changed the genre for the better.

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