As The World Turns Cancelled – ATWT Ends

As The World Turns Cancelled – ATWT Ends – ‘As The World Turns’, the soap opera that started many careers including Martin Sheen, Lauryn Hill, Dana Delaney, Emmy Rossum, Parker Posey and Julianne Moore, who earned a daytime Emmy for her dual roles as half-sisters Frannie and Sabrina Hughes in 1988, is coming to an end on Friday after 54 years.

Since its debut in 1955, ‘As The World Turns’ entertained many as a daytime soap opera, and was a hit along side many others during the golden era of soap operas. As times have changed though, so have people’s viewing tastes. Once, there were 19 soap operas running, of which there are only six remaining on television.

“It’s all about the bottom line,” executive producer, Christopher Goutman said on “The Early Show.” “Scripted drama in daytime is a tough proposition, because its expensive to produce, and I understand that. We are a victim of the times.”

Quite possibly, the fall of the day soap has something to do with the amount of couples who now have to have both working to pay the bills and keep the food on the table, which means there’s less free time to spend watching television.

‘The Talk’, which is a chat show similar to ‘The View’, will take it’s place on CBS.

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