Are We There Yet? TV Show TBS:Essence Atkins & Terry Crews

Are We There Yet? TV Show TBS:Essence Atkins & Terry Crews – The new television series entitled “Are We There Yet,” premiered on TBS this evening. The series is a follow up to the 2005 movie starring Ice Cube of the same name. Terry Crews will be starring in the show as Nick. He apparently went on to marry Suzanne, and has two kids named Lindsey and Kevin. Nick’s best friend, Martin, who is played by Christian Finnegan will also be playing in the series. Suzanne will be played by Essence Atkins. Gigi is Suzanne’s best friend, and will be played by Keesha Sharp. Both of the best friend roles in the show will be main characters and will be around for much of the time the show is on.
They have been a family for only 6 months, and the kids have started to refer to Nick as “Daddy,” although in a snotty way.

The show really plays on the family dynamic and has a large focus on the children and how they react to a step father. Things eventually settle down, and we get to learn about the family .
The series is wonderfully acted, and the storyline seems to be one that would be great for a family to watch. Crews, who previously played the father on “Everybody Hates Chris” also stars in the show, and plays a similar father style character here. The show uses many of the sitcom conventions that we have grown accustomed to in recent years, but does not overdo it. It is a solid show that will likely have a small cult following just as “Everybody Hates Chris,” did.

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