Amy Locane-Bovenizer Charged

Amy Locane-Bovenizer Charged – Amy Locane, a former actress on “Melrose Place,” was recently charged with vehicular homicide. She is currently being held on a $50,000 bond after she hit another car while driving drunk, killing the passenger and critically injuring the driver.
The prosecutor argued that the accident was not her first of the night. The individuals who were in the car that was hit while they pulled into their driveway were Fred Seeman who was hospitalized in critical condition following the accident, and his wife Helene who died at the scene of the crash.

A witness said that prior to her fatal accident; she has been involved in a hit and run in Princeton. It was said that she hit the back of a car at a Princeton intersection several miles from where she plowed into the husband and wife pulling into a driveway. The witness said that they had tried to call police following the accident, but that Locane hopped in her car and drove away.
The driver followed her while on the phone with 911, stating that she was “swerving and knocking down mailboxes” as she attempted to get away. She would later admit to police that she had drunk several glasses of wine prior to hopping into the car. She has two young children with her husband mark and now faces charges of vehicular homicide and assault with an automobile.

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