America’s Got Talent Vote 2010 – Amazing Jackie Evancho

America’s Got Talent Vote 2010 – Amazing Jackie Evancho – The final four of America’s Got Talent will soon be chosen, and there is much speculation as to who those last lucky contenders will be. The biggest fan favorite must be Jackie Evancho, the 10-year-old opera singer who has taken America by storm.

Her most recent performance was flawless, and most of America has had their hearts captivated by that little girl.

There are a few other fan favorites that could be in the running. It seems as though the group Fighting Gravity will most likely clinch a spot in the finals, as their act is one of the most crowd-pleasing. They also seem like they will be a good fit for the Vegas stage, which is, of course, the grand prize.

Although Prince Poppycock is another beloved act, it will be interesting to see if America allows to operatic acts through to the finals. Studio One Young Beast Society has seen consistent improvement from week to week, and chances are high that they could find themselves in the finals along with Evancho.
Regardless of the acts that make it through, it seems to be a surefire thing that this season of America’s Got Talent has produced some of the best acts that the country has seen in years.

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