American Pickers Season 2: Antique Archaeology

American Pickers Season 2: Antique Archaeology – “American Pickers” is a documentary reality television series that airs on the History channel.

The show was first premiered on January 18th, 2010 and it follows longtime friends that travel throughout the United States, showing up at people’s houses, and buying their antiques and collectible items. They run their own antique shop, called Antique Archaeology, and attempt to find some of the country’s most previous forgotten antiques. Their shop is located in LeClaire, Iowa.

They contact a number of casual collectors and hoarders, and go through their items to find one that might be to their liking.Often times the people they purchase the items from will have a house that is full of objects, and they have become overwhelmed by the clutter.

It is interesting to see what expensive items many have sitting in their homes and do not even realize. They have found some very fancy objects that they have sold for thousands of dollars.
The first season allotted episodes with 30 minute time slots.After the first few episodes, they were awarded a 60 minute timeslot after the show started to gain popularity. The show debuted to 3.2 million viewers, and is the number one new series in the 25-54 year old category.

It will be interesting to see how long the show continues. After all, the two men featured on the show do have a business to run as well, and juggling both could become tricky.

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