American Idol:American Idol Season 8

American Idol:American Idol Season 8

American Idol:American Idol Season 8‘American Idol’ Season 8 aired tonight.Don’t mind me,here is what LA Times has to say about ‘American Idol’ Season 8.
Six Reasons Why This Could Be the Most Exciting Season Ever:

1. The New Judge: In Season Seven, the panel often seemed to be phoning it in. New blood can’t but help keep get Cowell and Co. back on their game.
2. Double Hollywood Week: I am of the opinion that Hollywood Week is not only the most thrilling part of Idol, but possibly the greatest drama in all of television – leading up to the Green Mile; the most harrowing viewing since Euripides. This year we will receive not one but two weeks of Hollywood Week (oxymoron though it may be.) I say, that’s a good start, but it’s still not enough.
3. The Cook Legacy: David Cook showed that the rocker demo can now play to way and not just be happy as a noble also-ran to softer talents.
4. The Archuleta Legacy: The sleeping giant of the screaming tween demographic has been awakened. They fell short in the final lap last year, but can anything keep them from the prize in Season Eight? Watching their ruthless ascent will be a great show in itself.
5. Wild Cards: Each year a giant talent or two fall by the wayside in the Top 24 (this year Top 36) rounds before getting a chance to prove themselves. Historians can only puzzle at what might have been if Alexandrea Lusington or Patrick Hall had advanced to the big stage. This year, we will have no such regrets.
6. Backstage drama. This year’s show will include more backstage footage. If catfights break out, the producers promise they will share them. And who can object to that? At least on grounds that its more information for the historical archives for future generations to study at the American Idol Institute…

Six reasons why this could be the worst season ever:

1. The new judge: TV chemistry is lightning in a bottle. Once destroyed, it can never be re-created. The presence of Kara Dioguardi could destroy the critical Simon/Paula frisson that makes up the show’s core.
2. Too much format: With the wild-card rounds, the backstage footage and all the other tinkering in store, will the producers risk turning the show into “Survivor,” one step away from relay races?
3. Rocker noise: With the advent of the David Cook era, will the show stray from its Celine Dion/Faith Hill/Patti LuPone-inspired roots and become a big, noisy jam session? That would be good news for some perhaps, but for we fans of emotive song stylings, it would be an ice age.
4. The kids: Screaming tweens are funny to a point. And then they are not.
5. Old age: Everything loses its steam sooner or later. Could “Idol” be entering its geriatric period?
6. The culture has moved on: Perhaps in the age of economic meltdown and Washington upheaval, the need for escapist singing drama won’t be what it was. And with a new hope-fueled president, the nation may no longer need a pop singer to inspire us.

That’s all we have for now on American Idol:American Idol Season 8.

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