American Idol Without Simon Cowell

American Idol Without Simon Cowell – With the announcement of Simon Cowell leaving American Idol, some have wondered whether or not the popular singing competition will be able to survive on its own, without their most famous judge. Cowell was known for giving singers (particularly those who couldn’t really sing) scathing reviews regarding their performance. Some would say that he is being brutally honest, some would say that he was being downright mean. However, neither opinion changes the fact that Cowell is the biggest star the competition has ever seen and will likely continue to be the biggest name that has ever judged it.
So, without Cowell will Idol continue to be the powerhouse that it has been over the course of the last half dozen years?

“He’s the patriarch who rules with an iron fist, he’s the villain, he’s the dragon you have to slay to get to your fortune,” said Katherine Meizel, a Bowling Green State Professor who is writing a book on the popular singing competition. “Losing him, I think Idol might have lost the plot, literally.”

No doubt, with or without him, the series will continue. It is simply too much of a cash cow for FOX to simply dump the series as soon as the main star decides to move on. Cowell may be looking to move on to other things. First, he will host the upcoming reality television program titled “The X Factor,” which will be a show that is similar to the premise of American Idol and other reality television singing competitions.

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