American Idol Season 9 Los Angeles Auditions #5

American Idol Season 9

American Idol Season 9 Los Angeles Auditions #5 – American Idol :”Auditions #5: Los Angeles” aired last night on FOX.11,000 people who believed that they are singers showed up at the Los Angeles/LA auditions and few were surprised to discover that Avril Lavigne was the guest judge.American Idol Season 9 Los Angeles L.A. auditions recap is as followed.

-Neil Goldstein, 19 who is from Redlands, CA is a computer nerd who sang something from Meatloaf and it was terrible.
-Jim Ranger, 27 who is from Bakersfield, CA is married with three kids and is a pastor.He took on his own song “Drive” and the judges put him through to Hollywood.

-Damien Lefavor, 26 who is from Seattle, WA was terrible on “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” and didn’t go far.
-Mary Powers, 28 who is from Burbank, CA has an 8 year old daughter and she sang “Love is a Battlefield” to get her golden ticket.
-Adam Lambert’s biggest fan A.J. Mendoza, 20 who is from Upland, CA sang “Cult of Personality” and the judges told him no.
-Austin Fullmer, 19 who is from Glendale, CA sang “Surrender” by Cheap Trick and he was told to get another profession.
-Andrew Garcia, 23 – Moreno, CA singing “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5 went to Hollywood.
-Tasha Layton, 26 – Granada Hills, CA did a great job singing “Baby, Baby, Baby” by Joss Stone and they loved it.
-Creepy Jason Greene, 21 – Los Angeles, CA sang “I Touch Myself” and GOT A BIG NO.
-Chris Golightly, 25 – Los Angeles, CA who grew up in foster care and has been with 25 different families is going to Hollywood after singing “Stand By Me”.
11,000 contestants tried their luck in LA but only 23 made it through to Hollywood.
What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on American Idol Season 9.

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