American Idol Season 8 Episode 9

American Idol Season 8 Episode 9

American Idol Season 8 Episode 9 – American Idol – Season 8 Episode 9 aired last night.Few contestants struggled to make it to the Top 36 while the rest was sent home.Here is the recap:

First up is White Chocolate – India Morrison, Matt Giraud, Kris Allen, Justin Williams
“I Want You Back”
All get through.

Next group – Maryn Azoff, Austin Sisneros, J.B. Ahfua, Shelby Swartwood, Julissa Veloz
“Get Ready”
The guys get through and the girls are out.

Action Squad – Alex Wagner-Trugman, Ryan Pinkston, Anne Marie Boskovich, Emily Wynne-Hughes
“Don’t Stop Thinkin About Tomorrow”
Anne Marie and Alex make it through and Ryan went home.

Danny Gokey, Jamar Rogers, Taylor Vaifanua decide to go a capella and take a risk
“Somebody to Love”
Simon thought it was very good
All made it through

Jeremy Michael Sarver, Adam Lambert, Matt Breitkze, Jesse Langseth
“Some Kind of Wonderful”
All made it through

Team Diva: Lauren Barnes, Katrina Darrell (bikini girl!), Rose Flack, Jasmine Murray
Bikini girl out.While Jasmine makes it through

The Osmond kid didn’t make it.

Tatiana’s group, which includes Muna Hiluf, are second-to-last.
“I Want You Back”
All made it through.

Team Compromise – Nathaniel Marshall, Nancy Wilson, Kristin McNamara
Nathaniel and Kristin made it through.

That’s all we have for now on American Idol Season 8 Episode 9.

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