American Idol Premiere 2011

The 10th season of ‘American Idol’ recently kicked off, and many fans were quite disappointed with the new experts, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, even though they had promised to bring something new and exciting to the table after they were made judges.

It seemed that Tyler, front man for the band Aerosmith, didn’t have much else to comment on other than the song choices and a few of the women’s looks. Although he tried to come off a little more like Simon Cowell with a few insults, he just didn’t have enough power or gruffness to pull it off.

Tyler said to one contestant who burped his way through the audition, “Did you eat paint chips as a child? We have a higher standard here.”

Jennifer Lopez didn’t fare much better, taking a liking to the typical female divas, who are in large supply at the “AI” auditions. She also focused more on the image than the sound she was hearing, with both her and Randy Jackson berating a contestant with a great voice, saying, “Your voice is the star, so start dressing that way…because this business is about image as well.”

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