American Idol Motown Week Dramatic Finish

Fans and critics of the popular TV show “American Idol” are giving high points to the recent competition as Thursday night’s show spanned the music genre of Motown.

Many were the surprises on the latest installment of the talent show that has gained international sensation status and even though two of it’s original cast members are gone, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, the show hasn’t lost any steam and the recent episode is proof of that.

The winners and loses goes like this, Casey Abrams didn’t make the final cut until the judges saved him in the nick of time so fans should see him again.

Pro wrestling got a boost of fun when legend Hulk Hogan appeared declaring contestants James Durbin and Paul McDonald safe just before Hogan gave host Ryan Seacrest a toss into the crowd. Haley Reinhart and Naima Adedapo were spared as well.

As an unexpected surprise, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson returned to the stage to sing her latest song.

Thia Megia and Stefano Langone also were saved.

The surprises were many and there’s much more to say about the night as voting and judging went into high gear with what is surely to be one of the more memorable “American Idol” segments in years.

As the coming months will bring about the final decisions, the tour and more, “American Idol” fans sure won’t want to miss out.

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