American Idol Mansion Haunted?

Zoiks! In a “Scooby Doo” type of incident, contestants of the worldwide phenomenon, “American Idol”, claim that they had to flee a hotel that they said was haunted.

The Beverly Hills mansion they were staying at reportedly exhibited such paranormal phenomena as flickering lights and a scary spider infestation.

The incidents happened last week when the contestants say they actually saw a bed sheet lift up and start floating down an empty hallway.

Add to those troubles, the torrential rains that hit the region over the weekend caused the roof to leak.

The contestants were so frightened that they fled the residence and demanded to be moved to a new location and the producers of the show agreed.

It’s sure that now that this story is out the hotel in the Beverly Hills location may well be the focus of an investigation of paranormal investigators who are quite numerous in the area, most notably, the cast of the “Coast to Coast AM” program hosted by George Noory that broadcasts just a stone’s throw away in Sherman Oaks.

His program features the top paranormal investigators in the world and considering the popularity of both shows, “American Idol” and “Coast To Coast AM” such an investigation would be a ratings monster.

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