American Idol Hollywood Week

American Idol Hollywood Week

American Idol Hollywood Week – ‘American Idol’: Hollywood Week video and recap are here.American Idol Hollywood week took place at the Kodak Theater where 147 people were talented enough to make it through.’American Idol’: Hollywood Week recap is after the jump:

Lil Rounds – she made a big impression at the Hollywood audition and gets a standing o, good judge feedback. Lil moves on.
Dennis Brigham – Simon doesn’t think anyone will take him seriously. End of the road for Dennis.
Nathaniel Marshall – Paula said he’s talented but it was a poor song choice; he has an emotional explanation and makes it through.
Anoop Desai – gets a yes.
Jasmine Murray – Kara says she has “raw natural talent” and she makes it to round two.
Rose Flack – her rehearsals didn’t go well and she’s struggling to find her own voice, but she makes it through.
Stephen Fowler – Paula said he nailed it; Randy was impressed and he gets a yes through to round 2.
Jorge Nunez – Paula said it was beautiful and he makes it through.
Von Smith – Simon said it was indulgent nonsense, horrible song and annoying (couldn’t agree more) and surprisingly, he makes it through.
Nick Mitchell (Norman Gentle) – Simon said he was a joke; Paula said he has talent but wants to know him without the gimmick. Somehow he made it through!
Scott McIntyre – made it to round 2.
Frankie Jordan – gets a yes for round 2.
Jackie Tohn – judges like her and she made it through.
Jamar Rogers – Randy’s a fan and he makes it to round 2.
Danny Gokey – Paula loves him, says he’s ready to record now – no brainer, he makes it through.
Katrina (Bikini Girl) Darrell – Kara said it started well but went off toward the end; Simon and Randy are obviously pulling for her because she’s hot and she makes it through. Ugh.
Jessica Furney – gets a no.
Sharon Wilbur – she was the one who brought her dog to auditions – gets a no this time though.
Patricia Roman – no for round 2.
Jeremy Michael Sarver – the “roughneck,” Randy said he was one of the best he’s heard and he gets a yes.
Jesus Valenzuela – it’s a no for Jesus.
David Osmond – gets the yes to round 2.
Erika Wesley – is told no, but isn’t ready to give up and tries to convince the judges. Still a no.
Emily Wynne-Hughes – judges thought the song was disappointing, but they give her a chance for round 2.
Alexis Grace – yes.
Brent Smith – yes.
Anne Marie Boskovich – yes.
Adam Lambert – yes.

That’s all we have for now on American Idol Hollywood Week.

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