American Idol Finale 2010 : Paula Abdul Returns For Season Finale

American Idol Finale 2010 : Paula Abdul Returns For Season Finale – After much speculation, it appears that Paula Abdul will be returning for the finale of American Idol as a judge. There had been a lot of controversy a year ago when Abdul had been ousted from the judges seat after a number of bizarre incidents’ on set that left many wondering if Abdul was stable enough mentally to continue on as a host of the largest talent competition in the world. A lot is at stake every week, and ultimately executives decided that the two would be best if they went their separate ways.
It now appears that Abdul will be returning to the program for the season finale. It will be Simon’s final episode of American Idol, and it appears that they would like to send him off with all of the previous judges present. Christina Aguilera will also be making an appearance during the finale, and will likely sing her single from her recently released album, Bionic.

Simon will be leaving to produce another program, titled “X-Factor” that will be beginning in 2011. It will be weird to see Paula back on the show, after her awkward send off last season. No one has stated whether or not Paula will be on the entire program, or if she will just be making a small appearance to send Simon Cowell off the right way. There has not been any word as to whether or not Paula will be doing any actual judging throughout the finale, and she will likely be there just for the festivities.

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