American Idol Contestants Wow Judges

The third round of the reality TV show competition ‘American Idol’ recently made it’s television debut, and there were two stand-out contestants who really caught the judges attention.

The third night in Hollywood saw the remaining contestants able to bring out their own musical instruments, or sing with the house band if they chose, in order to try and really “wow” the judges.

Two contestants chose the same song to sing, “Georgia on My Mind”, however both renditions were quite different, and the judges seemed to enjoy the two performances. Casey Abrams came on stage with a double bass, using that to turn the infamous Ray Charles song into more of a jazz performance.

Judge Jennifer Lopez smiled throughout the performance, while Randy Jackson laughed and Steven Tyler added his signature scream halfway through.

Clint Jun Gamboa picked the same song, and his version was closer to the original rendition of the song.

When he finished his performance, Jackson simple squealed “Wooooo!” Both of the contestants were put through to the next round, and instead of the reported 50 people advancing, the judges decided to allow 60 to continue competing.

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