American Idol Cancelled After Season 10?

American Idol Cancelled After Season 10? – One recent rumor has stated that American Idol may not have as long of a future as many may have speculated in recent weeks. It had become clear that Simon Cowell would not be a part of the show for much longer, and with the cast of judges seemingly in a constant rotation in recent months, it has become clear that the reality singing television series that has made the dreams of dozens of singers over its long storied run, may finally be coming to a close. Simon Cowell’s departure from the series is one of the reasons why it may be coming to its end.

Cowell was heavily involved in the creation of the series, and him leaving is going to leave a large hole to be filled that may not be as easily filled as was anticipated. A tabloid has recently claimed that Cowell will be joining the UK hit television series American version, The X Factor, and is considering having Paula Abdul, former ousted American Idol judge, join him on the show. Many have speculated that this will make it hard for American Idol to remain a successful television show for the time being.
FOX executives have toyed with the idea of bringing in more high profile judges to help boost the ratings of the program when Cowell leaves. The past episodes have shown that guest judges can make or break the viewership of an episode, and having the right guest judge can place the show in a position to help it continue to be relevant. The show has made the singing careers of a number of artists, including Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood. Several other contestants of the show have gone on to take other jobs in Hollywood after their run on American Idol. The show is regarded as one of the most successful talent judging television shows that has ever existed.

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