American Idol April 7 2010:Results Tonight

Michael Lynche

American Idol April 7 2010:Results Tonight – ‘American Idol’ Season 9 Top 9 Results Show aired this evening on FOX.
Tonight’s show was as crazy as they get on Idol because the bests were in the bottom three while the worsts were saved by the fans.
Here is a recap of this installment:

Ryan took that stage,reveals that the results are really surprising and moves on to chat about Help Me Give Back is the Idol Gives Back program that you can visit at
The top 9 perform came on to sing another horrible group number -a lame Beatles medley and as if that was not bad enough we had to watch painful Ford music video.
On with the results:
Ryan calls Crystal, Siobhan and Katie to tell them that they are safe.
Jason Derulo performs his hit song, “In My Head,” off his self-titled album,he took the best of Usher/Adam Lambert/Michael Jackson to deliver a very entertaining performance.

David Archuleta sings “Imagine” and as usual did a sweet job.

Ryan comes back for the shockers,Big Mike, Aaron and Andrew are in the bottom 3 and no this is not a joke.
Rihanna dressed in a superhero-tight black bodysuit, premieres her new single, Rockstar 101

Ryan appears one more time and announced that Michael Lynche has been eliminated.
The judges are shocked,his wife is crying and the other contestants are confused by what just occurred.
Lynche sings “This Woman’s Work” and gets save the judges.
We are wondering why is Tim still around?And why did America tried to eliminate Mike when he is so talented?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on American Idol April 7 2010.

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