American Idol 2011 Ratings Bump

American Idol is again on top of the heap as the talent show spotlight has racked up a 13% increase in it’s 8.5 18-49 age range of adults and a 29% against the last season’s same time with 6.3 Adults 18-49.

The increase is suggest to be due to the barrage of repeats at this time making Idol stand out amongst the pack.

The comparison against the other networks show that CBS had 2.0/6, NBC with 1.4/4, the CW with 0.4/1. That all comes to 24.961 million total viewers for American Idol, 9.301 million for CBS, 3.008 million for NBC and 4.042 million for ABC.

It’s obvious American Idol still has the steam to pull in the ratings and big numbers at that. People thought the change in judges from Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul to Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler would damage the ratings but that ain’t so from these ratings.

It’s sure to make the networks realize they have to come up with the kind of competition that can put Idol in check.

It’s unlikely though because these ratings show that the American Idol fans are still very strong regardless who is sitting at the judges chairs.

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