American Idol 2010 Winner:Crystal Bowersox?

American Idol 2010 Winner:Crystal Bowersox? – Chrystal Bowersox is seeing tons of reviews complementing her performances on American Idol. She performed the song “People Get Ready” which was a classic song originally sung by “The Impressions.” Her performance came on Tuesday night’s episode of American Idol. Idol, obviously one of the biggest reality shows on television that brings young singers together from all around the world and has them compete to be the winner and gain the spotlight for American Idol. This year, the judges are showing that Crystal Bowersox amazes them in more ways than one. On Tuesday, they were all completely blown away by her performance. She got lots of support from the fans, from people voting on the Internet and the American Idol judges. Everyone is talking about her just about anywhere you look.

Some are taking the rave reviews even further and saying that her Tuesday night performance might have been the best one that American Idol has ever seen. This would be implying that throughout all the seasons of the show, Crystal Bowersox outperformed everyone. There was an American Idol channel that was so taken back by her performance that they launched a poll that asked people what they thought about Crystal Bowersoxes performance of the “People Get Ready” song. The poll featured several other singers on the ballet and asked voters to pick who they thought performed the best song in American Idol history. Crystal Bowersox got 31% of the votes and came out on top in the poll.

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