America’s Next Top Model Elimination May 5 2010:Who Got Kicked Off ANTM Last Night?

America's Next Top Model

America's Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model Elimination May 5 2010:Who Got Kicked Off ANTM Last Night? – Whilst the show is about making themselves a star, a lot of want to be models seem to think it is the in thing to do to disrespect each other, behind their backs. All of the five contestants come across as extremely fake, even Reina did when she was talking about her home country, New Zealand.

Angelea really needs to step up her game before she is forced out of the fray. She has been determined to show off her best, yet has not managed to deliver it. What makes it worse for her is that Krista and Alexandra, part of her little click, are now pressuring her to do something great.

One other thing; when will someone sort out her hair? It has been a few weeks now since it changed and it looks worse and worse every week.

Another thing that will have most people in stitches is likely to be the elevator incident. Seriously Alasia, who really knocks on an elevator door? If there is more of this type of thing I’m sure Americas Next Top Model will get more viewers just for the comical value.

On to this weeks challenge; this was oddly about squeezing into small places. The episode moved forward quickly, with the five contestants landing in Hobbiton, where “The Lord of The Rings” was shot. After using a circular picture frame to get their best shot, it is Krista that eventually comes on top once more. Of course, she is over the moon, winning $4,500 worth of clothes from World Fashions New Zealand.

Tyra took hold of the camera this week, which most people will suggest was a big mistake. She runs a lot more filters through the lens than most photographers and it definitely showed. Most people will definitely be thinking Nigel Barker, the photographer from last week, should come back – quickly!

This week’s winner is Krista while Jessica got the boot.

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