America’s Got Talent Finale 2010 – Who Will Win America’s Got Talent Finale?

America’s Got Talent Finale 2010 – Who Will Win America’s Got Talent Finale? – “America’s Got Talent” is known for showcasing the amazing – and sometimes strange – talents of everyday Americans. Now, the battle is heating up between the top 4 acts of this season. Those acts are Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Jackie Evancho, and Fighting Gravity. During the first season of the show, Fighting Gravity had been the favorite to win, and they have been able to keep their good fortune with a series of high-quality performances throughout the season.

Meanwhile, the 10 year old opera singer Jackie Evancho is favored as the frontrunner at this time, with Prince Poppycock not far behind. Poppycock has received comparisons to Lady gaga, mostly due to his flamboyant choices of attire. Will he be able to steal the crown from the adorable Evancho?

A recent poll showed that 55 percent of fans think that Poppycock will be able to come out of the finale episode with a victory. One voter said that the two of them are completely different artists, but that Poppycock is able to stand out week by week, while Evancho has given a similar – although stunning – performance week in and week out. He suggested that the voters will be looking for the acts to innovate in the final week and put together an act that is truly astonishing.

It will be interesting to see who comes out on top so make sure you vote so your favorite can win. Both acts have been great, and Evancho will probably receive some sort of record deal following the conclusion of the show. So who do you think will win?

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