America’s Got Talent Final 4 2010

America’s Got Talent Final 4 2010 – The final four acts of the reality show “America’s Got Talent” were announced during the live broadcast on Wednesday night. The final four include Jackie Evancho, a 10-year-old opera singer who has taken the nation by storm; Michael Grimm, a musician and singer who is 30-years-old; John “Prince Poppycock” Quale, another opera singer who is 32-years-old; and Fighting Gravity, a group of 13 men that perform using special effects and blacklights.

The semi-finals included 10 acts performing live on Tuesday night in the hopes of garnering votes from at-home viewers. The final four were then announced the next day, effectively eliminating six acts from the chance of winning the fifth-season of the reality show.

The six eliminated acts included Anna and Patryk, two pre-teen ballroom dancers; Christina and Ali, two sisters who sang together; Michael Grasso, a magician; Taylor Mathews, a musician and singer; Studio One Young Beast Society, a teenage dance crew; and Jeremy Vanschoonhoven, a stunt bicycle rider.
The final four will now perform on the final show, which airs Tuesday, September 14. After the show, viewers will be allowed to vote for their favorite act, and the winner will be announced the next day.

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