Aly Michalka Hellcats Star

Aly Michalka Hellcats Star – In the new CW series “Hellcats,” Aly Michalka’s character runs out of funding for her college tuition, and turns to the cheerleading squad for a scholarship that will allow her to stay in school. During a recent interview, Michalka said that she believes that her character is likeable, but does have a serious edge about her. She said that her character is able to add vulnerability to the people that she meets in the show.

She also spoke on the controversy regarding whether or not cheerleaders were supposed to be considered athletes. She said that it is a very athletic sport, and that she believes that it takes a lot of guts to be good at it.

“It’s about a team effort,” she said in her recent interview.
The series has drawn comparisons to Kirsten Dunst from when she starred in the cheerleader movie “Bring It On,” which went on to have a number of successful sequels. Michalka described her new show to be more like “Bring it On meets Friday Night Lights,” and said that the show will have a lot more drama intertwined into the plot than most people expect. It will be interesting to see how the show develops and if it is able to put together a following large enough to get it renewed for a second season.

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