All My Children & One Life To Live Cancellations Backlash

In response to the cancellation of their two longest running soap operas, ABC is facing the wrath of vacuum cleaner giant Hoover.

The homemaker’s best friend has begun a campaign to rally the forces of soap fans by boycotting ABC.

Hoover has been a sponsor since probably dirt was invented. They’ve even posted their protest on their Facebook page.

Brian Kirkendall posted an official letter on Hoover’s Facebook page that goes into length about his and his families love of the soap operas.

This is an amazing turnabout.

For a major appliance company to get radical over a cause is a real history making event.

Hoover is a household name and is the leading manufacturer of vacuum cleaners in the world as well as a major force in advertising. In truth, Hoover is so popular they don’t need to advertise but do so.

The furor over ABC’s canceling of “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” might be the biggest mistake that ABC has ever made.

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