Al Jean ‘Simpsons’ Producer On Nuclear Jokes

It’s “Political Correctness” like no other as networks in several European nations are supposedly looking at episodes of “The Simpsons” for “unsuitable” references to anything related to nuclear power plant disasters.

The popular sitcom, the record breaker in longest running sitcom ever and longest running animated show centers much around Simpson’s patriarch Homer who works at an unsafe nuclear power plant run by his greedy and sinister boss Mr. Burns.

Two episodes were pulled by an Austrian network. 1992’s “Marge Gets A Job” and 2005’s “On A Clear Day I Can’t See My Sister” because both episodes joke about radiation poisoning and nuclear meltdowns.

The executive producer of the show, Al Jean told the magazine EW,

“We have 480 episodes, and if there are a few that they don’t want to air for awhile in light of the terrible thing going on, I completely understand that.We would never make light of what’s happening in Japan.”

Die-hard “Simpsons” fans might balk at the decision to pull some episodes because the show’s popularity as well as the other Fox network cartoons thrive on being offensive to a degree.

It will be interesting to see how this all pans out in the long run.

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