AJ Cook Leaving Criminal Minds CBS

 CBS' 'Criminal Minds' Cuts Female Cast

AJ Cook Leaving Criminal Minds CBS – Criminal Minds will be heading into their 6th season with a very different look. CBS cut the female portion of the cast for what has been described as “financial reasons,” in hopes of shaking up the storyline going into their 6th season. The move comes as a surprise to fans of the series who have fallen in love with the female characters throughout their five years on the air.
CBS has been aggressive in trying to cut down on the costs of a number of their series. More expensive dramas with huge casts can be a budgeting nightmare.

Additionally cutting back the female portion of the cast will likely save the show a ton of money, and ultimately could help to ensure that the show is picked up for their seventh season. AJ Cook had been working on the show since the pilot aired and it is a surprise that CBS has opted not to pick up her contract. Penelope Garcia had garnered a large following among the fans, and her character will also be back for the 6th season.

CBS is not the first network to make drastic changes to their established shows in order to cut costs. Recently, several well-liked series have gone off the air on rival networks including the long running Law and Order series, which came to its end after its 20th season. With the landscape of television changing quickly, it will be interesting to see how the shows that we love change in the coming days and weeks.

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