Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Role

Struggling actress Adrianne Palicki has recently been given a break that will hopefully help to keep her career above water.

The actress, who tried to find regular work in “Lone Star” and was formerly a cast member on “Friday Night Lights”, was recently announced as the new star of “Wonder Woman”, a new show being developed by NBC.

The show will be a reconstructed version of the D.C. Comics character, and will feature Palicki attempting to juggle life as a superhero, as well as her alter ego Diana Prince and the stressful life that she is leading in Los Angeles.

Palicki’s character has a successful job as a corporate executive, and is also trying to find the time to do all the things that today’s women struggle with.

The show is currently being developed by David E. Kelley, the former writer of “Ally McBeal”, and he is executive producing the series along with Bill D’Ella.

Jeff Reiner, the executive producer of “Friday Night Lights” will be directing the show. According to a recent report, Palicki was the only actress who was invited for a screen test for the character of Prince.

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