ABM Industries CEO Henrik Slipsager On Undercover Boss Season 2 Episode 10

Undercover Boss season 2 episode 10 called “ABM Industries” which featured Henrik Slipsager aired last night on CBS.

In this week’s episode of Undercover Boss we met The President and CEO of ABM Industries Henrik Slipsager who heads one of America’s largest facilities services contractors that provide janitorial, engineering, parking and security services for thousands of clients.

Just like in the previous episodes – a CEO which was Henrik Slipsager had to go undercover in order to walk in his employees’ shoes for a few days.
Here is a brief recap of the episode:

In his first job-Henrik Slipsager met Kenny and learned how to drive a shuttle bus.
And as usual the boss failed miserably at the task.

Kenny who was working hard in order to become a firefighter was moved into a management training program and was told that his education will be paid for by the company.

Henrik’s (who is scared to death of heights ) second job was a real nightmare for he was asked to team up with Peter to wash windows on a tall skyscraper.
His trainer who works several jobs and who has a son who has Cerebal Palsy was giving a new post at a safety council along with a raise.
He was also given a month long all expense vacation and his son will now be getting extensive therapy.

Henrik had another emotional moment in his third job which was at the new World Trade Center where he was introduced to Maria who was doing janitorial work in the offices.
Maria who has been an ABM employee for 27 years revealed that her nephew also worked for ABM and was killed in the 9/11 attacks.Maria told her boss that she would prefer to wear pants to work in order to stop people from looking at her undies.

Maria was promoted, she was given new uniform and she was told that a 17 granite pavers will be created at the World Trade Center Memorial site for the 17 ABM Industries employees who were killed on 9/11 .
Additionally it was revealed that a $25,000 for a 9/11 fund in Maria’s nephew’s name has been put together.

Last but not least Henrik was introduced to a new trainer named Larry who is a 9/11 survivor.Larry who was a freight elevator operator for ABM, used to be a foreman for the enterprise but had to change post after suffering a stroke.

Larry was awarded a paid vacation to Hawaii, and was told that a September 11,2011, 10th reunion anniversary get together called Larry’s Meeting was created in his name in order to remember those who lost their lives during the horrible attacks.

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