ABC & ‘General Hospital’ Creators Money Drama

ABC is in more hot soapy water.

First they canceled two long running soap operas and now the estate of the couple who created the remaining soap opera “General Hospital” are going to court as they claim ABC has been stiffing them for the 10% their contract says the network owes them.

The lawsuit is on behalf of the estate of Fran and Doris Hursley who created “General Hospital” way back in 1963. The daughters of the Hursley’s claim that 10% of the profits that ABC makes from the soap opera were supposed to go to them but ABC reportedly hasn’t lived up to it’s bargain.

They’re pushing for an audit of the network to see what the haul is and whether their 10% has been dished out properly. They’re hoping that a judge will figure it all out and settle things.

Incidents like this where a property goes from one generation to another is like the perils of probate. For almost 50 years the soap opera has been making money. It has made headlines every year it’s been on the air and is one of the only surviving soap operas on network television.

ABC is going to have to comply if a judge orders so. Maybe they could do a reality TV show about this court battle.

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