Abbie Boudreau James O’Keefe: O’Keefe Prank Fails

Abbie Boudreau James O’Keefe: O’Keefe Prank Fails – Abbie Boudreau, a correspondent for CNN recently was involved in the new documentary titled “Right On the Edge.” It will be airing this Saturday and Sunday and will be profiling four young journalists that are described as “guerilla journalists” and are shaping the opinions of the public.

One of those that will be profiled, James O’Keefe, who played the part of a pimp for ACORN sting videos in 2009 and did not expect his work to be portrayed in a positive light whatsoever. He created a plan to “punk” the reporter during the filming of her new documentary in hopes of discrediting her and CNN.

In the end, Boudreau was able to get the best of him. She exposed his antics for the entire web to see. He had hoped to seduce her on his boat, which would likely keep any information about him out of her documentary.

She flew to Maryland to meet him and discuss his concerns with the documentary. She had been tipped by a friend that he was going to attempt to seduce her. The man had placed a number of items around his house including sex toys and condoms in an attempt to seduce her. When she became privy to the plan, she decided that she had to get back at him. She eventually outted his entire plan on her blog, exposing the details that he had put together. It will be interesting to see if he blogs in response to the accusations against him.

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