90210:90210 Review

90210:90210 Review

90210:90210 Review90210 reviews are in after the first episode of the series aired on The CW earlier tonight.Newsday on 90210 show:

“90210 is a perfectly competent and reasonably seamless revival that understands what made the original tick (and tick and tick), while being infused (occasionally suffused) with enough contemporary touchstones to remind new viewers that this isn’t their parents’ (or at least older siblings’) trusty fave… 90210 is not a disaster, and the CW can now officially let out a deep … sigh … of relief.” —

Variety on 90210 spinoff:

“More than just a famous zip code, 90210 is easily the most hyped show of the fall season and the CW is banking on all of the buzz to draw in big ratings. This spinoff, eight years after the first series ended, is a pallid copy of the original fish out of water story only with shinier cars, fancier clothes and Botox aplenty.”

90210 episode reviewed by AP :

“All the expected ingredients were there: gorgeous teens, lots of style and extravagance, raging hormones, and always the potential for backstabbing, broken hearts and payback. Same old, same old at West Beverly Hills High School.

We here at TV.Spreadit.org believe that 90210 will find its public,a very young public.

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