90210 Season 2 Spoilers:90210 Spoilers

90210 Season 2 Spoilers:90210 Spoilers

90210 Season 2 Spoilers:90210 Spoilers – 90210 Season 2 spoilers have surfaced.90210 season 2 will premiere in few months but to kill time ,the series star Jessica Stroup has revealed to E! Online what will be happening in the new season.She said:

“I know that next year is going to start with a whole fresh start.The whole season is going to be different. Some storylines might just evolve and disappear–or just reappear.Of course it’s going to change Annie inevitably. She’s going to be a totally different character. […] I think next year is going to be amazing for her because she’s going to go through a lot of changes with this character and down some really, really dark roads.”

She added:

“I hope, at least, that it affects every one of us. I know that it’s going to affect all the characters, but I hope it brings us back together at some point as a whole group.this season finishes out on so many levels as a cliffhanger, and a lot of her stuff, including the Dixon (Tristan Wilds) relationship, the Ethan (Dustin Milligan) relationship and her relationship with herself, with this disease, has really only just begun.The path that she’s on, she’s just now started to go on. I’m really excited to see where it goes next year, and I hope people can respond to what’s happened with her.”

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