30 Rock Season 4 Episode 20:Watch The Moms Online S04E20

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30 Rock Season 4 Episode 20:Watch The Moms Online S04E20 – 30 Rock season 4 episode 20 called “The Moms” which was written by Kay Cannon & Robert Carlock and directed by John Riggi aired last night on NBC.
Verna, Jenna’s mother is one of the most interesting characters you can come across. She has this sleazy attitude that makes her come off unappealing and then there’s her greedy habits where she thinks she can get anything that she wants. She has a disrespectful attitude about her that you really just can’t appreciate to the slightest degree. If you don’t mind her character then maybe it’s her un-matching breasts that will turn you off.

She’s just a hard character to fill the role of but thankfully, Jan Hooks accomplishes this challenging role quite nicely. She really deserves some compliments for her amazing job. While 30 Rock has been somewhat disappointing lately, especially with last week’s episode titled “Argus” thankfully this week brought on something much more exciting. Jack raising a peacock just wasn’t very enticing of an episode but bringing moms into the equation fit well for 30 Rock.
Just about the entire episode I was waiting for Liz and Margaret to talk with each other. We see Jack and Colleen go back and forward with each other every week and it’s just been getting old. However, with Mothers’ Day coming around this episode seemed to air at just the right moment. John Lutz’s mom came into the episode this week but she wasn’t almost as disruptive as Verna. While not quite being on that level she was still quite the character. John Lutz had to play both parts and there was this line in the show that sort of turned my stomach. It was when his own mother insisted that he gives the greatest back rubs that you can find. Something about that just doesn’t sit right with me but we understand, Lutz is that way.

Here are few funny quotes from the episode:
“I sexually assaulted Scottie Pippin in 1997.”
“Her name MIGHT be Cheryl, and she wearing a red shirt in 1984.”
“I apologize, ma’am. That is not a song. You make me nervous.”
“That could be anyone! We all look the same to me!”
“Pajamaralls! Pajamaralways!”
“I know it’s gay, but it’s my gay problem. And I’m handling it!”
“I always called him Ed, because our town had, like, five Buzzes.”
“Laura Linney could have played you in the HBO original movie Moonwives!”
“I’d rather be up on that stage all alone than to be with someone whose resume has black judge on it nine times!”
“Remember, in this scenario, I’m a man and my father is an astronaut.”
“Sometimes, I sing too beautifully.”
“I don’t believe in barriers because I always break them.”
“Would you like to yell at the moon with Buzz Aldrin?”
“Divorce. Broken engagements. I assume herpes.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on 30 Rock The Moms.

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